What Foods Are Most Acidic?

What Foods Are
Most Acidic?

Knowing just how acidic food and drinks are can help you protect your teeth from the effects of Acid Wear. Find out which of your favourite foods are more acidic than others by scrolling over the chart below.




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Mango Sours Lemon Juice Wine Sports Drinks Tonic Water Carbonated Soft Drinks Oranges Plums Iced Tea Strawberries Grapefruit Juice Vinegar Apple Sauce Apple Juice Salad Dressing Orange Juice White Wine Tomatoes

Root Beer Honey Tomato Ketchup Vegetables Seedless Raisins Vitamin C Tablets Beer Lemon Yoghurt Pears Carrot Juice Tea (black) Beetroot Juice

Sour Milk Natural Yoghurt Yoghurt Orange Drink Probiotic Yoghurt Bananas

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