Preventing Acid Wear In Children

Acid Wear
In Children

A young girl sits while a dentist prepares to look at her teeth.

Acid Wear can affect all ages and cannot be reversed – protection is the best policy. Below are some tips that can help limit children’s exposure to Acid Wear:

  • Avoid brushing right after eating when the enamel is soft.
  • Try to follow acidic meals with a glass of water or milk to help neutralize the acid.
  • Encourage children to swallow acidic drinks immediately rather than swishing them around their mouths.
  • Children should drink an acidic beverage in one sitting, rather than sipping it throughout the day.
  • Instead of sucking on acidic snacks like sour candies, or even healthy ones such as orange wedges, encourage children to swallow food once they have finished properly chewing.
  • Take children for regular dental check-ups and follow your dentist's advice.
  • Brush twice a day, every day with a toothpaste like Pronamel® For Children to help reharden and strengthen acid-softened tooth enamel and keep children’s teeth strong and healthy.
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