Acid Wear In Children

Acid Wear in children's teeth is a growing concern

Happy child brushing his teeth
Happy child brushing his teeth

In Canada, dental professionals are seeing signs of Acid Wear in a surprisingly high number of children and teenage patients.

Early intervention is key because:

  • 1
    Baby teeth have thinner and softer enamel than adult teeth
  • 2
    Children's dietary habits can lead to Acid Wear
  • 3
    Permanent teeth can be at risk of Acid Wear as soon as they appear
  • 4
    Acid Wear is irreversible

Children regularly eat a wide variety of acidic foods, including soft drinks, ketchup and even healthy foods such as fruits and fruit juices. It's important to make sure that children's permanent teeth, which come through between the ages of 6 and 13, stay strong and healthy.

Pronamel® For Children is a daily toothpaste which has been specifically designed to help protect children's teeth from the effects of Acid Wear. Developed with dentists, Pronamel® For Children is proven to reharden and strengthen acid-softened tooth enamel, and also provides all the benefits of a regular fluoride toothpaste including cavity protection, fresh breath, and plaque removal with brushing.

A smiling woman with strong white teeth wearing a lab coat. Woman with glasses smiling with strong white teeth in a white lab coat.

Effective Protection

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